Save Piatt County is a grassroots organization consisting of residents of Piatt County that are OPPOSED to the newly proposed APEX "Clean Energy" Goose Creek industrial wind-turbine project ( 120 turbines ) for Northern Piatt County - District 1.  APEX is an out-of-state Virginia based company, NOT local, does NOT represent the interests and values of the people living in Piatt County!  We are residents, landowners, farmers, small homes, large homes, anyone that wants to preserve our way of life in Piatt County.  These massively tall towers ( ~500 ft. - picture a 50 story building! ) [  APEX is now requesting 750 ft. or NO height limits!  INSANITY!!!  ] will loom over our homes, farm animals, and wildlife.  They will cause - we believe the scientific evidence shows - negative health, financial, and environmental outcomes for all of us.  The goal of this website is to provide relevant and credible information about industrial wind energy.  Join us today to learn the truth about these purely profit-motivated corporations that want to destroy the beauty of open land throughout the country, including our beautiful Piatt County!  Contact us to show your support by displaying a YARD SIGN and by contacting your district representative!  We are opposed to the project as we believe it will impact the overall quality of life for those who live near the turbines.  We need help from ALL Piatt County residents, not just those directly affected, to make our voice heard.  If you are concerned about how industrial wind turbines will affect local property values, residents who are sensitive to infrasound or shadow flicker, or have concerns about the scenic or financial impacts of this proposed project, please Let your VOICE be heard!!!

Why are we against Wind Turbines? - Click here...

Wind Turbines are NOT necessary!  Climate Change:  What do Scientists say?  Click here...

FARMERS & LAND OWNERS - Before signing a possible 40-year lease, please view this video by Dave and Stephanie Hulthen from Dekalb County, IL who give their firsthand description of what it's like to live in the middle of an industrial wind installation and how they and their children cope with living near thirteen 40-story turbines. 
Please consider the following:
    > Most leases lock you in for 40 years! So generational farmers are passing their land on to family that may not want the turbines.
    > Wind Turbine companies and crews will have 24-hour access to ALL of your property!
    > Potential for massive damage to drain tiles and land during construction.
    > See our list below for additional reasons why wind turbines are destructive for the environment, your health, and your farm land.
    > Farmers care about their land and livestock, they are caretakers and shepards of the land, please set aside any perceived financial benefits and
       limited short-term jobs and consider the impact to you, your family, your neighbors, and your beautiful land and livestock.

    > Realities of Wind Energy  -  Click here for the Dave and Stephanie Hulthen video...

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[  05 . 10. 2020  ]  Everyone, please watch the following movie, produced by Michael Moore and written, directed, and narrated by a true environmentalist, Jeff Gibbs, exposing the horrible truth about "Green Renewable Energy" and the destruction it is doing to the environment in the name of profits. Please watch the entire movie until the end of the credits, where you will see a single standing dying tree and a devastated Orangutan trying to survive the devestation. No matter your political beliefs, or your opinion about Michael Moore, this is a must see movie!  Planet of the Humans

[  03 . 11. 2020  ]  Piatt County Board unanimously passed an up to 180 day moratorium on wind farm special use permit applications. The board then sent the pending ZBA approved draft of the Appendix A - WECS over 500kW - Wind Turbine Ordinance back to the Zoning Board (ZBA) for further consideration and to allow for additional public input and debate. We will keep you posted on any further developments. As always, please contact your county board representative here and urge them keep the 30dB sound level limit and 3.75 setbacks to the property line.  Click here to contact your Piatt County Board Representative!

[  02 . 25. 2020  ]  Natural Gas Is Crushing Wind and Solar Power!  Natural Gas Is Crushing Wind and Solar Power!

[  02 . 25. 2020  ]  Learn the Truth about CO2! Good or Bad?  Learn the Truth about CO2! Good or Bad?

[  02 . 25. 2020  ]  Why we need Property Line Setbacks and NOT to the Structure!  Why we need Property Line Setbacks and NOT to the Structure!

[  02 . 06. 2020  ]  Wind farm gets second rejection from DeWitt County Zoning Board!  Wind farm gets second rejection from DeWitt County Zoning Board!

[  01 . 28. 2020  ]  Wind Turbines and Home Abandonment, Healthy Living in Piatt County, Illinois by Ted Hartke!  Read this TRUTHFUL, HONEST, and COMPELLING story of how a family was DESTROYED by the InvEnergy's Cal-Ridge Wind Energy Project in Champaign and Vermilion Counties!

[  01 . 24. 2020  ]  Piatt County Zoning Board met on January 23rd at 1:00 PM. was at the meeting as well as many other opponents of the Wind Farm. The Zoning Board, after hearing both sides decided to "table" the ordinance for another month in order to gather more information. The fight continues! We will once again be at the next meeting with even greater numbers. More information to follow. Thank you!

[  10 . 09. 2019  ]  World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines make the future of wind farms increasingly fraught as excessive noise is a health risk!  Read the article here...

[  10 . 09. 2019  ]  SavePiattCounty speaks at Piatt County Board Meeting!  Read the speech here...

[  09 . 27. 2019  ]  We support Zero-Carbon Clean Nuclear Energy!  America needs advanced nuclear now!  TerraPower is ready.  Bill Gates is co-founder of Microsoft, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and founder and chairman of TerraPower. Click here to learn about this amazing new technology:  clean, safe, and reliable energy!  We don't need these inefficient, unreliable, and massively ugly wind-turbines destroying our beautiful Piatt County landscape!!!  

[  09 . 23 . 2019  ]   Climate Scientists Write To UN: There Is NO Climate Emergency!

[  09 . 13. 2019  ]  Save Piatt County website now up and running!

[  09 . 10. 2019  ]  Started to handout SAVE PIATT COUNTY! | NO WIND TURBINES!  |  18" x 24" Yard Signs on request.  [  Donations appreciated!  ]

[  05 . 25 . 2019  ]   No wind farm for DeWitt County: Board rejects $300 million plan

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Why are we against Industrial Wind Turbines?

 ]   Radio, TV, wireless internet providers (Galesville Grain Elevator), and cell phone service are ALL interrupted due to turbines – another economic impact.

 ]   The economics of Industrial Wind Turbines, highly subsidized, tax credits, trail of broken promises. Jobs? No, very few...   [  Learn more...  ]

 ]   Emergency communications are no longer dependable which endangers the safety of the community.

 ]   Farming  |  Converting agricultural and wildlife areas to the use of industrial wind turbines irreversibly destroys it. It is a debt of destruction. The construction of industrial wind turbines affects aquifers, water flow, tile lines, soil erosion, soil compaction, air pressure and current. In essence, it is destruction of the best soil in the world, the farmland that the generations before us were proud of and left for us to feed the world with.  Your land is worth working for, preserving, protecting and fighting for because it is what ensures that future generations eat and have choices in life. Do NOT sign a Lease Agreement or a “Good Neighbor Agreement” with a wind energy company.

 ]   Farming  |  Micro climate drying effect on crops is caused by the motion of blades.

 ]   Farming  |  Potential for catastrophic crop dusting accidents. Dispersal of crop dusting chemicals would spread wildly (due to varying wind patterns produced by blade rotations) to surrounding areas and severely affect the crops being targeted.

 ]   Farming  |  What kind of platform is a wind turbine set in? The steel tower is anchored in a platform of more than a thousand tons of concrete and steel rebar, 30 to 50 feet across and anywhere from 6 to 30 feet deep. Shafts are sometimes driven down farther to help anchor it. Mountain tops must be blasted to create a level area of at least 3 acres. The platform is critical to stabilizing the immense weight of the turbine assembly.  [  Learn more...  ]

 ]   Farming  |  Turbines blamed for milk production drop. "Profound stress" caused by the vibrations from the turbines passing through the subsoil, may affect other animals as well and disrupt the local wildlife environment.  [  Learn more...  ]

 ]   There are many health hazards associated with living near turbines as a result of audible noise, infrasound (inaudible noise and vibration) and flicker affect, broken flying blades, ice blade accumulation projectiles.

 ]   Roads during wind turbine construction (120 turbines) are heavily damaged due to excessive weight and massive amounts of concrete, gravel and blade transportations. Residents and farmers will be highly inconvenienced during this construction phase. These out of state companies could care less about the local residents and farmers in the area.

 ]   Blinking Red Lights, blade shadows disturb nearby residences...  [  Learn more...  ]

 ]   Bird [ Bald & Golden Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls and other birds ] and bat chopping, and hostility between neighbors are consequences of turbines. Research has found that 600,000 bats could be killed by wind turbines every year in the United States. Bats are critical in balancing the insect population, including mosquitos. Wind turbines kill more than 573,000 birds each year in the United States, according to The Associated Press, including federally protected species like bald eagles and golden eagles [  Bald Eagle in Piatt County...  ]. Wind Turbines and the Insect Die-Off: Dead insects on wind turbine blades are as visible as dead insects on a car windshield, disrupting nature's balance. Scientists have reported the significant build-up of dead insects on wind turbine blades for three decades and in different regions around the world.  [  Learn more...  ]

 ]   The net economic negatives include loss of farmland and farmers, 15 to 30% LOSS in property values, reduced tax base (loss of collectable county property taxes due to property value reductions), loss of home owners, loss of tourism and outdoor recreation.

 ]   Because wind power is unstorable and unreliable, the utilities must cycle gas/coal fired generators at all times to back up the intermittent wind. More money wasted and as records in Europe show, greater use of fossil fuels than if the turbines were not in the picture.

 ]   It takes 20 years to produce enough energy to equal the cost of the steel, concrete, and rare earth metals used to build each turbine, or “to break even”, said the president of Everpower Wind at a public hearing.

 ]   Wind Turbines are highly inefficient on a MegaWatt per acreage basic compared to other reliable sources of energy. Example: A typical electricity generator occupies only 98 acres and is able to produce 435 MegaWatts of electricity using the newest, cleanest, gas turbines available. Compare that to 40,000 acres of Wind Turbines generating an unreliable and paltry 30.72 MegaWatts. It's a fact, traditional and reliable forms of energy produce 435 MegaWatts of clean, reliable, affordable, and dispatchable electricity.

 ]   Everyone should watch this video! See the complete destruction of a Wind Turbine in Oklahoma! Considering the fact that Illinois and Piatt County is directly in the path of Tornado Alley, this catastrophic event could happen here, with the potential of taking human life and causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property damage.
WATCH HERE >>>  Everyone should watch this video! See the complete destruction of a Wind Turbine in Oklahoma!

 ]   The number of wildfires sparked by these things grows by the day. Contrary to their ‘super-safe’, ‘clean’, ‘green’ image, giant industrial wind turbines are the perfect incendiary device. Around the world, hundreds have exploded into in palls of smoke and balls of flame – in the process – each one raining molten metal and over 1,000 litres of flaming gear oil and hydraulic fluid (see our post here) and burning plastic earthwards.
WATCH HERE >>>  Wind turbine fire at Butterwick Wind Farm, near Sedgefield in England  |  This is just one example of what is happening all over the world! Including the United States!
MORE BURNING WIND TURBINES >>>  More burning WIND TURBINES in Seneca County, Ohio

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