Wind turbines kill more than 573,000 Birds [ including Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls, and others ] each year in the United States, according to The Associated Press, including federally protected species like bald eagles and golden eagles.

Federal Laws that Protect Bald Eagles [  Learn more... Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act  ]

[  The picture on the left is of a Bald Eagle perching on a tree on Shady Rest Road near White Heath, Piatt County (photo taken 09/21/2019 by local resident), just south of the proposed APEX Goose Creek 120 Industrial Wind Turbine location in Northern Piatt County. The picture on the right needs no explanation. We do NOT want these killings to happen in our beautiful Piatt County! Due to our close proximity to Clinton Lake, Piatt County has become a true sanctuary and refuge for many species of birds, including the majestic and federally protected Bald and Golden Eagles!  Join us today!  ]