Piatt County Board Speech October 2019 [ ... ]

Piatt County Board Meeting
When: Wed, October 9, 9am - 10am
Where: 101 West Washington Street, Monticello, IL, 61856
Description: Courthouse Boardroom

Good morning County Board Members,

My name is Gary Kambic and I live just southeast of Mansfield on six acres in District 1, directly in the impact zone of the proposed APEX Goose Creek 120 Wind Turbine area.

I am the founder of a grassroots organization called Save Piatt County. I urge you to visit our website at

I designed and built my beautiful home back in 1999. I have lived in that same house and on my six acres for the past 20 years, now with my wife Melissa. I love the openness and quiet beauty of my surroundings, in fact, that's the main reason I decided to build in Northern Piatt and get away from the city of Champaign where I work.

Why are we opposed to these wind turbines?

Let me quote people that have actual real-life experiences and that reflect our views ---

This from a small farm owner in Vermilion County, north of Muncie, IL

"I believe these wind turbine companies have bullied and lied to us to make a profit - the owner of land that placed way too many just north of us doesn't even live in this state - how is that responsible? How is it responsible to place them so close to people's farms and homes? I guess their rights are more important than mine. But don't I pay taxes too? Don't I pay for a mortgage and have the rights to what I bought? I paid for a nice quiet farm, one with an amazing view from all sides - free from chaos and free from noise - my sanctuary to come home to - be proud of…why are their rights more important than mine? And who determined this? They don't have to take sleeping medications and have fans and TVs on at night to sleep. Wind Turbines have destroyed our lives."

DeWitt County Residents Against Wind Turbines

"Why are some so ignorant to the reality of these monstrosities...? Do the research, they are NOT GREEN, they are NOT EFFICIENT, they are NOT ABLE TO BE RECYCLED (in fact, 17,000 Turbine Blades are currently laying in landfills), they REQUIRE TONS OF CONCRETE AND STEEL, DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY FOR DECADES, they REQUIRE OIL TO OPERATE, they KILL FEDERALLY PROTECTED EAGLES, in addition to BATS, GEESE, DUCKS, BIRDS, INSECTS of ALL TYPES, FOREVER CHANGING THE LOCAL ECOSYSTEM AND HABITAT. They have ACCESS TO THE LANDOWNER'S ENTIRE PROPERTY that lease to them. Look into CANADA, GERMANY, and all across the UNITED STATES, how they have been FAILING TO PRODUCE AND CATCH FIRE, and CAUSE MULTIPLE HEALTH ISSUES."

The climate is changing. It always has. It always will.
500 scientists from around the world recently sent a letter to the UN stating: There Is NO Climate Emergency. Also, on the website.

We have alternatives to wind turbines, an inefficient and obsolete technology. Nuclear energy is our future, yes nuclear energy, a reliable, and infinite form of clean, carbon-free energy. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started a new company called TerraPower. They are designing and building a new generation reactor that is safe and uses spent fuel from old reactors as it's fuel source, actually helping to resolve the disposal problem. These will be going online over the next five years. Please visit our website to learn more about this emerging and reliable energy technology.

I hope you will think about the following. Although many of the members here do not represent District 1, your decisions concerning these wind turbines will affect all of us that will have to live near these massively tall towers, 500 to 600 feet tall (picture a 50 to 60 story building on the prairie multiplied 120 times, towering over our homes and farms. Put yourselves in our shoes, if you owned land and lived in the impact zone of this proposal, would you and your family want to live near these disgusting towers?

I would be very happy to meet all of you after this meeting. I have a card with information about our organization.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak to you today and I sincerely hope you will keep our concerns in your hearts and minds.

Please visit our website at:

Thank you…

Save Piatt County